The man behind the Pillars

What has Jeff Hester’s iconic Hubble Space Telescope image of the Eagle Nebula meant to him personally?

Hubble’s top seven science discoveries

From the incandescent brilliance of the first stars and galaxies to the overwhelming power of dark matter and energy, the space telescope has illuminated many cosmic mysteries.

Web Extra: The impact of Hubble’s deep fields

No one could have expected that the space telescope’s long exposures would allow scientists to see galaxies 95 percent of the way back to the Big Bang.

Saving Hubble

How astronauts continually reinvented the most important telescope ever.

Web Extra: Relive the Hubble servicing missions

Every time the space telescope saw repairs and upgrades, Astronomy was there to cover the event.

How Hubble changed the world

Think today’s society would be the same without the big eye in the sky? Think again.

Web Extra: Hubble images: from data to dramatic scenes

The space telescope doesn’t have a point-and-shoot camera. Find out what it takes to produce those iconic images.

25 years of dazzling images

The space telescope’s extraordinary vision has revealed star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in detail no one could have imagined.

Web Extra: Tour Hubble’s iconic images

Discover the science beyond the space telescope’s stunning celestial portraits.


StarDome and Path of the Planets

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