Get to know Astronomy magazine

The world’s most popular magazine covering astronomy, observing, and spaceflight news.

Little did Steve Walther know that his brainchild would turn into the greatest magazine about astronomy in the world. At 29, the ambitious graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point launched a periodical about his first love, the stars. The first issue, August 1973, held 48 pages and five feature articles, plus information about what to see in the night sky that month.

Since its inception, Astronomy magazine has grown thanks to the great people behind it. Dedicated by an obsession with the subject of astronomy, they are driven to assemble the best, most-absorbing material relating to the world of astronomy with every page they have. Names such as Walther, Berry, Maas, and Burnham long ago established the magazine‚Äôs stable foundation. And the names you see in the magazine today will carry on their tradition of excellence.