When stars go bang!

Some stellar explosions mark star death; others reveal greedy companion suns. Here’s how they compare.

Web Extra: A vast variety of supernova remnants

When stars explode, their debris create beautiful images.

Tour our fiery solar system

Hot spots, volcanoes, and geysers create a smorgasbord of volcanism from Mercury to distant moons.

Web Extra: Worlds on fire

From icy bodies to Sun-drenched planets, volcanic activity seethes throughout the solar system.

Colors of our starry sky

Stars radiate light like glowing coals in a campfire, their colors changing with temperature.

What Halley’s Comet taught us

For more than 2,000 years, humanity has been fascinated by this famous comet. Find out why scientists, too, consider it an object worthy of scrutiny.

Web Extra: Comet cooking 101

Use these instructions to make your own versions of these celestial visitors.

Sketching the Orion Nebula

Recording the sky’s most famous nebula with pencil and paper unlocks its hidden secrets.

Web Extra: Discover more about the Orion Nebula

On a brisk winter night, M42 beckons astronomers and observers alike.

Sharing the stars with a new generation

A variety of groups are revealing the beauty of the universe to the public.

A beginners guide to star parties

With guidance from our experienced stargazer, you can join the festivities, become a better observer, and create lifelong friendships.

Web Extra: Check out a regional star party in 2013

The United States plays host to dozens of large astronomy-community gatherings to expand your knowledge of the hobby.

How to observe Jupiter

Next to the Moon, Jupiter has the most visible features of any nighttime object. Why not point your scope at it tonight?


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