How one small step became a giant leap

A billion people watched Neil Armstrong step onto the lunar surface in 1969. But space reporter Jay Barbree was there for all the steps before that.

Web Extra: Revisiting Apollo 11

Celebrate the anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Moon.

Probing the cosmos with gravitational waves

These waves in the fabric of space-time predicted by Albert Einstein will take astronomers inside the most violent events in the cosmos.

Web Extra: Watch as black holes collide

Scientists use computer simulations to probe how space-time reacts as black holes collide.

Faceoff! The Moon’s oddly different sides

Clues unearthed by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and GRAIL have opened a new window on the Moon’s creation and early evolution.

Web Extra: Cracking the Moon’s code

Our nearest neighbor’s murky past has come into sharper focus thanks in part to recent observations made by NASA’s GRAIL spacecraft.

The James Webb Space Telescope takes shape

In January, journalist Nola Taylor Redd toured the Goddard Space Flight Center for an exclusive look at the nuts and bolts of the world’s largest space telescope.

Web Extra: Watch the James Webb cams

These streaming feeds give a look into the space telescope’s stressful life.

Wander fall’s deep sky

Whatever size telescope you own, set it up this season and hunt down these impressive sights.

Web Extra: Explore the glorious sky treats of autumn

No matter what size telescope you own, there’s lots to see in the fall sky.

How Astro Tanja captures the southern sky

In just two years, this skywatcher taught herself astroimaging.

Web Extra: More celestial wonders by Astro Tanja

This self-taught astroimager dazzles with her sky shots.

The truth behind the Super Moon

The year’s closest Full Moon arrives August 10, but will not blind us or bring about the apocalypse.

Road test: MallinCam Jr PRO

Set up your scope, a monitor, and this video camera, and you’ll be a hit at star parties.


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