Skyfire: The impending birth of our supergalaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy is on a collision course with the Milky Way. What effects will this cosmic crash have on future astronomers?

Web Extra: When galaxies collide

Although the Milky Way’s scheduled collision with the Andromeda Galaxy in a few billion years may be the most spectacular galaxy smash-up on our horizon, it’s not the only cosmic crash astronomers have studied. Watch these computer simulations for a taste of what gravity can fashion.

What string theory tells us about the universe

A universe with 10 dimensions forms the backbone of a grand theory that describes astronomers’ observations. The race is on to prove it.

Web Extra: The universe’s extra dimensions

For superstring theory to work, our cosmos must have another six dimensions. Where are they hiding?

The reluctant astronomer

A brilliant chemist and mathematician, John Herschel could have chosen many careers. Instead, he took up the “sacred duty” started by his father.

Web Extra: John Herschel’s notes from the Cape

Read a few excerpts from the great astronomer’s journal from studying the Southern Hemisphere skies.

The life and times of Al Nagler

For 36 years, the man behind Tele Vue Optics has been a force in amateur astronomy.

Web Extra: Eyepiece that changed observing

Tele Vue’s introduction of the Nagler eyepiece in 1980 started a revolution in high-quality optics.

Bernhard Hubls unusual universe

Often-overlooked galaxy groups, star clusters, and dark nebulae showcase this skyshooter’s best work.

Web Extra: Deep-sky objects through the eyes of an Austrian imager

Bernhard Hubl has photographed everything from Messier objects to obscure galaxy clusters, but those off the beaten path are his favorite.

Shoot easier with the Nightscape CCD camera

This Celestron camera offers the bells and whistles of more expensive models.


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