Do billions of rogue planets drift through space?

Gravitational interactions may have untethered myriad worlds from their parent stars.

Web Extra: See microlensing in action

Here’s how astronomers detect free-floating planets.

The 6 most important numbers in the universe

Find out how the speed of light, the gravitational constant, and other big numbers govern the cosmos.

Web Extra: Carry around the universe’s top numbers

Now you can print out and keep tabs on some of science’s most important figures in style.

Inside the world’s most powerful machine

With the Large Hadron Collider in Europe, scientists explore the highest energies and the smallest scales.

How to view June’s rare Venus transit

Don’t miss your last chance to see Venus cross the Sun’s face.

Six nights under Namibia’s dark skies

Three amateur astronomers seek out celestial showpieces and some obscure dust-filled regions in the Southern Hemisphere.

Web Extra: More imaging under Namibia’s pristine skies

The Southern Hemisphere is filled with countless spectacular deep-sky objects to photograph.

Is telescope making dead?

Following World War II, most telescopes were homemade. Where are the amateur telescope makers today?

“Astronomy” tests two all-sky cameras

Moonglow Technologies’ All Sky Cam and Orion’s StarShoot AllSky Camera will let you monitor the sky from horizon to horizon.


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