From the June 2012 issue

Bridging the land and sky

See even more of Wally Pacholka’s amazing landscape astrophotography.
By | Published: June 25, 2012 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Two galaxies shine above, and shimmer within, Oregon’s Crater Lake: the Milky Way and Andromeda. Credit: Wally Pacholka
Wally Pacholka’s fantastic wide-field images in August’s “Imaging heaven & Earth” provided a wonderful contrast to the strictly sky-filled photos that usually line the pages of Astronomy. Although Pacholka describes his techniques and equipment as nothing fancy, the shots he’s able to get combining the night sky and the land below — often from America’s national parks — are nothing short of incredible.

Despite our best efforts, we could only accommodate only so many of Pacholka’s images in the issue. Such wonderful images deserve to be shared, though, so here are more photos that show so beautifully the indelible connection between heaven and Earth.

All photos by Wally Pacholka