Why the universe had no beginning

The Big Bang may not have been the instant of creation but a single event in an infinite cycle.

Web extra: A cosmos with no beginning or end

The cyclic theory of the universe proposes a novel answer to the question: What happened at the Big Bang?

Is Earth one of a kind?

Ten years ago astronomers thought our planet was really, really special. New observations suggest it may not be so rare.

Is the Big Bang in trouble?

The cosmologists who explained how our universe came to be now face their greatest challenge: proving exotic fundamental concepts like dark matter and energy.

Web extra: The curious matter of the missing matter

Scientists still can’t account for about 40 percent of the stuff of stars, planets, and people.

Find your way through the spring sky

Warm weather and giant constellations beckon beginning observers.

Chris Schur captures the universe

Detailed galaxy shots, Milky Way panoramas, and gleaming star clusters showcase this skyshooter’s best work.

With HyperStar, you’ll image more in less time

After a quick alteration, you can produce great images up to 30 times faster.

Web extra: Newton’s universe

View a mix of solar and deep-sky images taken by a master.


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