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David H. Levy’s Evening Stars: A David Levy sky

June 2009: All it takes is a dark sky to begin a lifelong interest in astronomy.
By | Published: April 27, 2009 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
June 2009 Rosenthal - Levy/O'Meara
Joan-Ellen Rosenthal, photographed about 10 miles from the Stellafane convention in Vermont, has a love of a pitch-black sky, and she knows her way around the stars.
Wendee Levy

Almost 40 years ago, Joan-Ellen Rosenthal was riding in a car down a lonely country road near Enid, Oklahoma, with her then-husband. They were lost. “We know we have to go south,” Joan said to her husband. He stopped the car, and Joan got out, looked around, then got back in. “I just found the Big Dipper. From there I found the North Star. We have to take the next right to head south.” Her husband was flabbergasted. “Only you know how to navigate by the stars,” he said as they were on their way.