From the April 2009 issue

Tales from the Arizona Sky Village

In October 2008, I got to spend three incredible nights under a pitch-black sky.
By | Published: April 27, 2009 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Michael E. Bakich Rancho Hildago
Michael E. Bakich and David J. Eicher traveled to Arizona in October 2008 to visit the Arizona Sky Village.
David J. Eicher

Back in October 2008, Astronomy Editor David J. Eicher and I had the chance to travel to the Arizona Sky Village (ASV) for three nights of dark-sky observing. Instead of going to the main ASV site near Portal, Arizona, however, we strayed about 20 miles away to the site’s eastern branch, dubbed Rancho Hidalgo, where a large development operation is underway.

Because four pages in the June issue (“Discover the sky’s deepest darkest secrets”) wasn’t enough to cover our adventures, I’ve compiled a gallery of images, videos, and blogs to help you enjoy the experience with us.