Japan visits an asteroid

The Hayabusa probe revealed how different space rocks can be when it visited asteroid Itokawa.

Sungrazing comets

For comets straying too close to the Sun, breaking up is easy to do.

Living on Mars time

When the Mars rovers landed, mission scientists existed in martian time.

Warning: Dust Ahead

NASA’s plans for human visits to the Moon and Mars may be waylaid by a common factor — dust.

The universe across the spectrum

From radio waves to gamma rays, astronomers use all types of light to explore the cosmos.

Who knows what dangers lurk in space?

Radiation can damage DNA and even kill, and it permeates space. How can we protect astronauts?

Take a deep-sky treasure hunt

One special night can show you the northern sky’s 109 best objects.

The fabulous foothill gang

Central California’s astronomical brain trust boasts imagers, inventors, and manufacturers.

Have lens, will travel

Convenience, low cost, and good optics make for a fine pair of travel scopes.


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