Tele Vue-60 apochromatic refractor telescope

From low-power, wide-field looks at the Milky Way to high-powered views of the planets, this small but mighty scope delivers.
By | Published: May 19, 2009 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Tele Vue-60 Newtonian reflector telescope
The Tele Vue-60’s optical tube assembly is only 11 inches long and weighs 3 pounds, but it packs a serious optical wallop.
Astronomy: James Forbes

This review, “The Tele Vue-60,” appeared in the November 2004 issue of Astronomy magazine.

My work for museums and planetaria takes me all over the world. I’ve observed the sky from the decks of ships, the Australian outback, the Andes Mountains in Peru, and many other places. My dilemma regarding telescope equipment always has been one of weight and portability. For many years, my solution has been a 4.25-inch rich-field Newtonian reflector I made while in graduate school. The wide views of this f/4 scope continue to be a delight. And talk about easy to use — I’d just pick up its small case, hop in the car, and find a dark site to spend a few hours under the stars. I used that scope a lot, but I was frustrated at times because it didn’t provide good high-power views. But what could I do? The choice was either high-quality, wide-field views or high-power views with a different scope. Not anymore.

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