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By | Published: July 1, 2024

Sturdy contender

Explore Scientific

Springdale, AR

The EXOS2-GT PMC-Eight mount with WiFi and Bluetooth can handle up to 28 pounds (12.7 kilograms) for astrophotography and up to 40 pounds (18.1 kg) for visual scopes. The mount can be controlled wirelessly with a phone or tablet — an upgrade over the previous version of this product. Belt-driven stepper motors help the mount handle loads under strain without damage.


Discovering Luna

Simon & Schuster
(Pegasus Books)
New York City, NY

Still as Bright: An Illuminating History of the Moon, From Antiquity to Tomorrow, by Astronomy contributor and award-winning author Christopher Cokinos, explores the scientific and cultural history of our nearest night-sky target. From ancient times to Galileo to the Artemis Program, Cokinos examines our enduring fascination with Earth’s satellite.


From day to night

Lunt Solar Systems

Tucson, AZ

The 100mm Universal Telescope is a multipurpose machine. It can be used to observe solar prominences, as well as many deep-sky, lunar, and even terrestrial objects with simple filter or accessory changes. The scope weighs under 13 pounds (5.8 kilograms), making it ideal for travel.