Shoot easier with Celestron’s Nightscape CCD camera

This camera offers the bells and whistles of more expensive models at a much better price.
By | Published: February 26, 2013
Celestron Nightscape CCD camera
Celestron’s Nightscape CCD camera

Having been avid astroimagers for more than six years and having used
camera models as different as a DSLR, a one-shot color CCD, and a
monochrome CCD, we realize that choosing what equipment to photograph
the sky with can be a daunting task. Imagers have to consider many
factors: how well the unit cools, its quantum efficiency (how much of
the total light the system captures), megapixels — and don’t forget

Finding the right combination can take a bit of time and
research. Knowing this, we were excited to have the opportunity to test a
camera that offers a nice balance of features and price, Celestron’s Nightscape CCD.

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