Image the solar system with Celestron’s Skyris

Good sensitivity, high-quality construction, and a lightweight package make these CCD cameras must-have planetary imagers.
By | Published: January 27, 2014 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Celestron Skyris CCD camera
Celestron and The Imaging Source designed the Skyris 618C and Skyris 445M to use the same body, although each contains a different chip.
During the past year or so, amateur astronomers have seen quite an upturn in the number of new cameras geared toward the solar, lunar, and planetary imager hitting the marketplace. Never before have we had so many terrific choices in equipment — and we can own many of them for a surprisingly modest price.

Celestron recently entered the marketplace with its Skyris series. The design and engineering for these cameras came from The Imaging Source in Germany in collaboration with Celestron’s engineers.

Unlike the company’s several basic models, such as the NexImage, the Skyris cameras target more serious solar system imagers. For this review, I tested two units under the night sky — the Skyris 618C and the Skyris 445M.

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