The world of comets

A noted comet discoverer reflects on comets and the meaning of life.

Unlocking the mystery of comets

Today, comets are a sight to behold, but for most of history they were seen as harbingers of doom.

The science of comets

These mysterious iceballs are key to understanding our solar system’s history.

How to observe comets

Whether viewed through binoculars or a telescope or with your naked eyes, tracking down these celestial visitors is a rewarding challenge.

Great comets of our time

Take a trip down memory lane to revisit the most spectacular comets of the past half- century.

Catching comets on camera

These fleeting beacons from the outer solar system make for fantastic shots.

A gallery of great comets

Specters of comets have filled the night sky across the eons. Here are some of the recent best.


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