Are we alone in the universe?

Mars, Pluto, and an array of icy moons offer possible places where microbial life might have existed — or might yet exist today.

Is there life on Mars?

Earth’s neighbor once had a climate conducive to life. Now scientists are trying to learn if the Red Planet turned those chances into reality.

How we might find life on Europa

Jupiter’s icy moon is a great candidate for habitability. But life’s best chance to exist is beneath the crust.

Searching for life on Saturn’s big moon

Titan’s soupy skies drizzle complex hydrocarbons onto the moon’s surface, potentially providing the building blocks of life.

The enigma of Enceladus

This tiny saturnian moon may be, pound for pound, the most valuable piece of real estate in the solar system.

What lies beneath Triton’s ice?

Neptune’s moon Triton shows tantalizing evidence of water beneath its jumbled crust, making it a high-priority target in the search for life.

Life’s prospects on Pluto

Who would have thought this dwarf planet could nurture life? The idea seemed ludicrous before New Horizons explored the world.


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