Dark matter’s shadowy effect on Earth

Earth’s periodic passage through the galaxy’s disk could initiate a series of events that ultimately lead to geological cataclysms and mass extinctions.

Sharing the skies above Chile

The Astronomy in Chile Educator Ambassadors Program explores the unique collaboration forged by U.S. astronomy observatories in Chile.

How supernovae have affected life

A nearby exploding star may affect Earth in ways we’re just now beginning to understand.

Secrets of nightscape photography

Get started on this wonderfully challenging marriage of artistic vision, nocturnal exploration, and technical sophistication.

The story of PlaneWave

This innovative company isn’t just about optics — the key is its people.

Spring’s best & brightest galaxies

Galaxies in and around Virgo offer a telescopic delight for deep-sky fans.

Binoculars made for the night sky

These 10×70 binoculars offer high-quality glass, rugged construction, and great low-light performance.


StarDome and Path of the Planets

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