How high-speed stars escape the galaxy

Astronomers have found dozens of them on a one-way trip to intergalactic space.

Supernova 1987A: 30 years later

When a blue supergiant star lit up the southern sky, astronomers used it to learn how massive stars explode.

The past, present, and future of astronomy in Japan

A rich tradition keeps Japanese astronomy on a path to pioneering new eras.

Observing on the edge

Galaxies showing their edges expose dust lanes, central hubs, and other intriguing details you can view through a scope.

How to care for your telescope

It only takes a little time now and then to ensure your window to the universe is working at its best.

Turn your smartphone into an astro-camera

You don’t need a pricey rig to capture the cosmos. All you need is your cellphone and some inexpensive equipment.

We test Sky-Watcher USA’s new compound scope

This 7 1/2-inch Maksutov-Newtonian provides tack-sharp stars all across the field of view.

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