How we discovered Planet Nine

In early 2016, astronomers stunned the world by announcing the discovery of a very distant outer planet in the solar system. Here is its story, direct from the team leader.

How Vera Rubin discovered dark matter

This famous astronomer carved herself a well-deserved place in history.

Asteroid Day to highlight space rock dangers

June 30, 2016, will mark the 108th anniversary of the Tunguska event.

Camille Flammarion’s amazing universe

Through detailed astronomical texts and fanciful accounts, this French adventurer walked the line between science and science fiction.

Confessions of an eagle-eyed observer

No one believed an amateur astronomer saw such fine details in Saturn’s rings. Then Voyager saw them, too.

Protecting America’s last dark skies

Few stargazing sites deliver like America’s national parks. But even these places are under threat.

Target gems of Scorpius

Although low in the sky for northern observers, this constellation boasts fabulous targets for telescopes of all sizes.

We test Vixen’s new eyepiece line

Gorgeous machining, high-quality optical components, and a few nice extras catapult these eyepieces to the top.


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