NASA sets its sights on Pluto

Twenty-five years in the making, New Horizons is now closing in on Pluto.

Web Extra: A historic encounter with Pluto

Pluto is the brightest member of the Kuiper Belt — a large reservoir of icy bodies beyond Neptune — and the first to receive a close-up look when New Horizons arrives in July.

The telescope at the end of the world

To understand the events that followed the Big Bang, cosmologists are chasing its light from Antarctica.

Web Extra: Astronomers animate one of the largest galaxy clusters ever observed

The South Pole Telescope and other observatories are studying one of the largest and strangest objects in the universe — the Phoenix Cluster.

How astronomers hear stellar heartbeats

Like doctors scanning a patient’s body, astronomers are peering inside distant stars to investigate their state.

Web Extra: What makes stars tick?

Inside most stars is a chaotic and high-energy environment. How do changes inside stars coincide with what we see?

Discover Orion’s deep-sky gems

The beauty and variety of objects in this constellation will keep you warm even on the coldest nights.

A colorful take on northern skies

Although this British amateur was a bit late to astroimaging, his dedication and superb equipment have moved him into the hobby’s upper echelon.

Web Extra: Capturing a colorful sky

Astrophotographer Gordon Haynes defeats a light-polluted sky with narrowband imaging.

7 wonders of the Milky Way

We have settled the debate. Here — chosen by you — are the most popular deep-sky treats in our galaxy.

iOptron’s CEM60 mount tested

Accurate tracking, lack of backlash, and the ability to handle large loads make the CEM60 mount a serious contender to carry your scope.


StarDome and Path of the Planets

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