How astronomers know the universe’s age

After decades of analyzing stars and the cosmic expansion rate, scientists nailed down the age of the universe — simply by listening.

Web Extra: The CMB through the eyes of spacecraft

As technology has advanced, so has the ability to map the cosmic microwave background in extreme detail.

A new eye on the violent universe

An observatory the size of Rhode Island seeks to understand the most energetic particles in the universe.

Web Extra: A cosmic-ray impact

When Earth’s atmosphere encounters a subatomic particle packing 100,000 times more energy than the Large Hadron Collider can deliver, the fireworks can be impressive.

China’s race to study the cosmos

As this eastern nation grows prosperous, a renewed focus on science moves it closer to the forefront of research.

Web Extra: China reaches for the stars

Find out even more about the country’s astronomy efforts.

Explore spring’s best deep-sky objects

Whether you own a small or large telescope, you’ll experience some terrific celestial treats.

A day with two dawns

Perfect weather on eclipse morning brought stunning views of the solar corona, prominences, and two diamond rings, but it was just one highlight of our trips across Australia.

Web Extra: More pictures from Down Under

November’s trip to Australia was a mix of wonders both in the sky and on the ground.

Get ready for Comet PANSTARRS

The brightest comet of the past six years will stand out in the evening sky.

Stellarvues 6.3-inch refractor field-tested

Superb optics and a top-notch focuser place this apochromat high on any observer’s want list.


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