40 greatest astronomical discoveries

Astronomer’s biggest breakthroughs have lifted the veil on our universe.

Web Extra: Astronomy’s next 10 great discoveries

Earth moves, stars shine, and galaxies recede (at ever-increasing speeds). These breakthroughs are just the tip of the iceberg of astronomers’ greatest discoveries.

40 greatest mysteries of the universe

Astronomers know more about the universe than ever but still have much to learn.

Web Extra: Exoplanet mysteries solved

Despite many questions still requiring answers, astronomers have made great strides in exoplanet research.

Where will astronomy be in 40 years?

The future involves larger collaborations, computers, and telescopes.

Web Extra: ALMA’s science so far

Scientists commissioned this giant submillimeter array in March, and they’ve already made plenty of discoveries.

40 years of amateur astronomy

We live in our hobby’s golden age — just look at what’s happened in the past four decades.

Astronomy magazine’s path to “stardom”

From its modest beginnings, the publication now leads the astronomy hobby as the most popular magazine of its kind in the world.

40 deep-sky targets in Sagittarius

The Archer contains a dizzying variety of dazzling objects.

Web Extra – Sagittarius in detail

Use these detailed descriptions to find objects and compare what you see through the eyepiece.

Hunt down summer’s best dark nebulae

For a totally new observing experience, ignore the bright and aim for darkness.

A backyard imager advances science

An unexpected email opened the door for this astroimager.

Web Extra: CCD imagery of the heavens

This amateur astrophotographer’s stunning imagery takes you on a vivid tour of the cosmos.

Prime time for Neptune and Uranus

Late summer and early fall are the best times to track down the solar system’s distant planets.


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