How humans will travel to Alpha Centauri

Long thought to be the province of science fiction, interstellar flight might not be as impossible as you think.

Web Extra: Project Icarus takes flight

An ongoing scientific study takes on one of mankind’s longest and most difficult dreams.

Tour our wet solar system

Life-giving water covers seven-tenths of Earth’s surface, but where did it come from, and where else can we find it?

Dark energy’s new face

How are exploding stars changing our view of the universe’s mysterious force?

Web Extra: The different types of supernovae

Not all supernovae are created equal. Here is a brief description of the four main categories of exploding stars.

How to collect rocks from space

Start a meteorite collection and soon you’ll be holding a piece of solar system history in the palm of your hand.

Web Extra: Space rocks on Earth

Collectors have recovered meteorites everywhere from Greenland to Antarctica.

13 great summer binocular sights

Grab your binoculars and explore the False Comet, Barnard’s E, and 11 more stellar targets.

Web Extra – 10 great summer binocular sights

Give your telescope a night off and target these wonders through binoculars.

All about the Bubble Nebula

Check out this emission nebula in Cassiopeia to see the results of a massive star’s hurricane-force winds.

“Astronomy” tests Orion’s grab-and-go refractor

The ED102T CF Triplet offers 4 inches of aperture, a wide field of view, and superb star images.

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