How astronomers cracked the Einstein code

Scientists are colliding virtual black holes to put relativity to the final test.

Web extra: When black holes merge

Numerical relativity researcher Manuela Campanelli describes the culminating moments of the merger of two black holes.

Europe’s space revolution

Two simultaneous European space missions will explore the cosmic background radiation and the structure that evolved from it.

The coming solar superstorm

In 1859, the Sun unleashed its biggest storm in 450 years. We’re more vulnerable than ever to its next blast.

Web extra: Solar explosions

See two movies of the Sun from the Hinode observatory.

Illustrated: Meteors rock Phobos

The Red Planet’s largest moon bears scars from eons of major impacts.

NASA’s Phoenix digs Mars

The Red Planet’s newest spacecraft delves beneath the surface in search of ice.

Explore the southern Milky Way’s dark clouds

Dusty webs sprawling across the galaxy’s richest star fields make for must-see observing.

Discover 10 top Milky Way delights

From Sagittarius to Cassiopeia, late summer offers a lot to observe.

Easy imaging with the DSI III

Meade’s Deep Sky Imager III offers the options of more expensive CCD cameras.


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