Explore the cosmic web out to 1.37 billion light-years in this all-sky panorama.

Quest for the first galaxies

New research gives astronomers a broad-brush view of how galaxies evolve. Now, scientists are filling in the details.

Web extra: Galaxy quest

Caltech astronomers claim the most distant galaxies ever.

What happens when galaxies collide?

Simulations show a cycle of mergers, starbursts, and black holes built the universe’s grandest constructions: giant elliptical galaxies.

Web extra: Galaxies collide in Andromeda

Computer simulations show the Andromeda Galaxy is consuming what was the seventh-largest galaxy in the Local Group.

How the Milky Way devours its neighbors

Our galaxy’s current eminence owes much to a past – and present – spent cannibalizing dwarf galaxies.

Web extra: Simulated galactic crack ups

New computer simulations show the warped reality of spiral-galaxy mergers.

Exploring Iapetus’ dark side

The Cassini spacecraft’s recent flyby of Saturn’s strangest moon may have solved one mystery, but it leaves many more.

Galaxies on fire

Starburst galaxies hold the key to understanding processes that shaped the youngest and most distant corners of the universe.

Web extra: A peculiar jewel of the north

Astronomers have observed M82 for centuries, but this “irregular” galaxy in Ursa Major still commands their attention.

Orion’s new binocular telescope tested

Binoculars allow observers to take in lots of sky. Now,
Orion has improved the classic design.

Web extra: Make the BT70 binoculars “go-to”

Mount Orion’s binocular telescope to a Celestron mount for ultimate two-eyed observing.


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