Our galaxy’s collision with Andromeda

The Milky Way is on a collision course with its neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy. What will the night sky look like after the crash?

Web extra: The birth of Milkomeda

Watch for the equivalent of 5 billion years as the merger of the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy results in the birth of a single elliptical galaxy: Milkomeda.

Do cosmic flashes reveal secrets of the infant universe?

Gamma-ray bursts can outshine 100 million galaxies. Astronomers now think these energetic events offer a window into the distant past.

Web extra: What’s behind a gamma-ray burst?

Astronomers call gamma-ray bursts the biggest bangs since the Big Bang. NASA animator Dana Berry shows you how one works.

How we’ve junked up outer space

Derelict spacecraft, stray nuts and bolts, and millions of even tinier fragments litter the space around Earth.

Web extra: A growing problem

NASA now tracks more than 10,000 pieces of junk orbiting Earth — and it took humans just 50 years to create this mess.

All about the Veil Nebula

When you observe this expanding ring of light, you’ll trace the ghostly remnant of an ancient supernova.

Will you see the stars tonight?

Use the Clear Sky Chart to turn specialty weather maps into custom astronomy forecasts.

Master the art of wide-field imaging

Capturing beautiful sky panoramas is easy if you follow these simple steps.


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