From the June 2008 issue

Find out more about up-and-coming astronomers

Surf these links to learn more about the 10 up-and-coming astronomers profiled in our August 2008 35-year anniversary issue.
By | Published: June 23, 2008 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Joshua BloomBloom talks about gamma-ray bursts on National Public Radio.Julie Castillo-RogezBBC News article about Castillo-Rogez’ work on the geysers of Saturn’s moon EnceladusScience News coverage of Castillo-Rogez’ work on the formation of Saturn’s moon Iapetus.Steven FurlanettoAnnouncing Furlanetto’s win of the 2006 Astronomical Society of the Pacific Trumpler Award, for his contributions to our understanding of the Epoch of Reionization.Scott GaudiNational Science Foundation press release e…