Top 10 space stories of 2007

A brilliant comet stunned southern skywatchers, astronomers uncovered the most earthlike exoplanet yet, and physicists prepared to awaken their biggest machine ever.

Web extra: The year’s Top 10: a deeper look

Learn more about the 2007’s top space stories.

The biggest planet’s 5 deepest mysteries

From its inner core to its far-ranging magnetic field, Jupiter tightly guards its secrets.

Web extra: Lend me your ear

Interactions in Jupiter’s vast magnetic field create sounds that will either shock you or have you whistling a tune.

Illustrated: Earth impacts at a glance

Asteroids and comets have slammed into our planet innumerable times. Here’s where they’ve hit.

Observe celestial odd couples

Double your pleasure by spotting two types of deep-sky objects at the same time.

Web extra: More celestial odd couples

Point your telescope at another 10 celestial pairings.

New pictures from old plates

Colorizing Digitized Sky Survey images creates a new world of astronomical portraits.

A wide-field imager’s dream scope

Tele Vue’s NP101is delivers ultra-sharp images.


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