From the January 2008 issue

Glenn Chaple’s observing basics: Eyepiece ABCs

January 2008: Since the 1960s, eyepieces have evolved to fit various observing needs.
By | Published: January 1, 2008
Glenn Chaple

Senior citizens often reminisce about how uncomplicated life was in the good old days. When it comes to amateur astronomy, they may have a point.

Consider eyepieces. Purchasing an eyepiece in the 1960s was easy, because you could choose from only a handful of basic designs. You could start out with a simple Ramsden or Huygens; or you might step up to a Kellner, or that crème de la crème of eyepieces, the orthoscopic. If you preferred an eye-pleasing wide-field view, you couldn’t go wrong with an Erfle.