Women in Astronomy

Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan, Vera Rubin, and Emmy Noether are just a handful of the many honorable women in astronomy. Join us in celebrating their achievements. 
By | Published: February 1, 2019

Get to know some of the key women who have overcome prejudice to make an impact in Astronomy. Some of the women covered in this free 10-page PDF download include:

  • Katherine Johnson and how her work as a “human computer” earned her NASA achievement awards and landed her on lists of both women’s and African Americans’ success stories.
  • Mary Jackson, an energetic young woman who smashed barriers in her advance from computer to engineer.
  • Dorothy Vaughan, one of NASA’s first black managers, who ran the segregated West Area Computing Division.
  • Vera Rubin and her discovery of dark matter, one of the most fundamental discoveries of the past century in astrophysics.
  • Emmy Noether and her never-ending impact on algebra and physics due to her theorem on the relationship between symmetries and conservation law.

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