Two double stars in Aries, open cluster NGC 1245, and barred spiral galaxy NGC 1097

November 28–December 5, 2013: Two double stars in Aries and open cluster NGC 1245 in Perseus make excellent targets for binocular and small-telescope observers, while large-telescope owners can seek out barred spiral galaxy NGC 1097 in Fornax.
By | Published: November 27, 2013 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
To find open clsuter NGC 1245, draw a line between magnitude 4.1 Iota (ι) Persei and magnitude 3.8 Kappa (κ) Persei. The magnitude 8.4 cluster lies less than 1° east of the line’s center point.
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Targets for November 28–December 5, 2013
Small telescope:
Gamma and Lambda Arietis
Small telescope: Open cluster NGC 1245
8-inch or larger telescope: Barred spiral galaxy NGC 1097