The double star Kaffaljidhmah, open cluster NGC 654, and spiral galaxy NGC 1052

November 21–28, 2013: The double star Kaffaljidhmah in Cetus and open cluster NGC 654 in Cassiopeia make excellent targets for binocular and small-telescope observers, while large-telescope owners can seek out spiral galaxy NGC 1052 in Cetus.
By | Published: November 21, 2013 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Cetus the whale is home to two of this week’s observing targets, the double star Kaffaljidhmah Gamma (γ) Ceti and spiral galaxy NGC 1052.
Astronomy: Roen Kelly

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Targets for November 21–28, 2013

Binoculars or small telescope:
Double star Kaffaljidhmah
Binoculars or small telescope: Open cluster NGC 654
8-inch or larger telescope: Spiral galaxy NGC 1052