The double star Kaffaljidhmah, open cluster NGC 654, and spiral galaxy NGC 1052

November 21–28, 2013: The double star Kaffaljidhmah in Cetus and open cluster NGC 654 in Cassiopeia make excellent targets for binocular and small-telescope observers, while large-telescope owners can seek out spiral galaxy NGC 1052 in Cetus.
By | Published: November 21, 2013
Cetus the whale is home to two of this week’s observing targets, the double star Kaffaljidhmah Gamma (γ) Ceti and spiral galaxy NGC 1052.
Astronomy: Roen Kelly

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Targets for November 21–28, 2013

Binoculars or small telescope:
Double star Kaffaljidhmah
Binoculars or small telescope: Open cluster NGC 654
8-inch or larger telescope: Spiral galaxy NGC 1052