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By | Published: June 26, 2006 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
The great interplanetary rock swap
WebAll About Meteorites is a good site for meteorite news.

Learn more about continuing efforts to locate Antarctic meteorites at the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) site.

Washington University in St. Louis maintain an excellent site for those interested in meteorites from the Moon. And NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston has compiled similar information for martian meteorites at The Mars Meteorite Compendium.

For years, planetary scientists have been studying the details of how planets can exchange rocks. A few articles from scholarly publications on the topic include:

“Risks threatening viable transfer of microbes between bodies in our solar system,” Curt Mileikowsky, Francis A. Cucinotta, John W. Wilson, et al. Planetary and Space Science, published online November 2, 2000.

“Natural transfer of viable microbes in space. 1. From Mars to Earth and Earth to Mars,” Curt Mileikowsky, Francis A. Cucinotta, John W. Wilson, et al., Icarus, published online March 26, 2002.

“Destination: Earth. Martian Meteorite Delivery,” Gladman, Brett, Icarus, published online May 8, 2002.

“Swapping Rocks: Ejection and Exchange of Surface Material Among the Terrestrial Planets,” Jay H. Melosh and W. B. Tonks, Meteoritics; the full article is available online through NASA’s ADS system.

Collecting meteorites
Print — O. Richard Norton also wrote The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites (Cambridge University Press, 2002) and Rocks from Space: Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters, which is now in its second edition (Mountain Press Publishing, 1998).

WebMeteorite Central links to articles, dealers, and the Meteorite-List, which provides you with e-mail access to other collectors.

The Meteorite Exchange provides links to dealers, articles, and information on meteorite identification.

Both and feature classification charts with clickable links.

Meteorite Times is a free online magazine, updated monthly, with links to dealers and other resources.

Meteorite Magazine has been published in New Zealand for 10 years but is now in the process of moving to the United States. It comes out in print 4 times a year.

The Meteoritical Society is a professional organization; the web site features searchable databases. Another useful site is .