The first billion years

After the release of the cosmic background radiation, darkness fell over the universe.

Seeing red

Color is the key to understanding asteroid family histories.

Supernova aftermath illustrated

A supernova’s impact lives on long beyond its fading light.

How we discovered Pluto’s new worlds

Planetary scientists S. Alan Stern and Hal Weaver take us inside the search for new worlds.

Are Pluto and Earth two of a kind?

Pluto’s three satellites, like Earth’s Moon, may have formed from a giant collision.

Stargazing in ancient Egypt

The sky inspired Egyptians in science, art, and architecture.

Tour summer’s great globulars

Sure they’re all round, but each globular cluster offers a different view through a telescope.

All hail the king

This guide will help you get the most from observing Jupiter at its best.

Relive the Red Planet’s big show

Astroimagers captured their best views of Mars this past year.

Vixen’s go-anywhere scope

This lightweight refractor combines optical and mechanical excellence, portability, and ease of use.


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