Astronomy magazine podcast: Deborah Byrd

Earth & Sky's Deborah Byrd talks with Assistant Editor Jeremy McGovern about the radio show and her interest in astronomy.
By | Published: November 30, 2006 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Deborah Byrd
EarthSky Communications Inc.
Deborah Byrd
November 30, 2006
If you are a long-time reader of Astronomy, you may recognize the name Deborah Byrd. In the 1990s, she wrote seasonal observing guides and the monthly sky almanac for Astronomy. If you don’t know her from the magazine, you’ll probably recognize her voice from the Earth & Sky radio series, which Byrd co-hosts with Joel Block. Based in Austin, Texas, Earth & Sky is celebrating 15 years on the radio. You can hear the show on radio stations across the United States, the Armed Forces Radio Network, satellite radio stations Sirius and XM, and on the web at

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