The Sun

The Sun seems unchanging, but solar flares, prominences, and sunspots often pop up and disappear. Safely observing the Sun can be both fun and rewarding.

Popular Observing Topics

Credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The Sun

Safely observing the Sun can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Credit: Ted Hauter.

The Moon

Our nearest celestial neighbor provides many great sights.


Targeting our solar system’s other worlds is well worth the effort.

Credit: Tony Hallas.

Deep-Sky Objects

Nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies are the night sky’s hidden gems.

Credit: Celestron.

Telescopes & Equipment

Explore the tools that can help you unlock the night sky.

Credit: Peter Michaud, Gemini Observatory.


Capturing great celestial sights is both an art and a skill.