Lhires Lite spectroscope

You may have seen sunspots and prominences, but have you observed the Sun's spectrum? The Lhires Lite spectroscope makes such observations easy.
By | Published: December 11, 2009 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Lhires Lite spectroscope
The Lhires Lite spectroscope allows you to view the spectrum of the Sun and other bright light sources quickly, easily, and in great detail.
Astronomy: William Zuback

This review, “Astronomy tests a
hot new spectroscope,” appeared in the January 2010 issue of
Astronomy magazine

Amateur solar observing has an exciting new tool. The Lhires Lite spectroscope breaks sunlight into a rainbow of colors crossed by dark lines. For two centuries, professional astronomers have used such devices to identify what stars are made of, tell how a star is moving through space, and a lot more.

The manufacturer, Shelyak Instruments, located in Revel, France, designed this device to allow amateur astronomers to study the Sun’s spectrum. I found the Lhires Lite to be an affordable and enjoyable entry into the world of spectroscopy. The device is completely safe to use when observing the Sun.

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