Astronomy tests Tele Vue’s new Delos eyepiece line

Delos eyepieces feature generous eye relief, a wide field, and tack-sharp optics.
By | Published: October 26, 2011 | Last updated on May 18, 2023
Tele Vue Delos eyepiece line
The 6mm Tele Vue Delos eyepiece offers 20mm of eye relief and a 72° apparent field of view, just like its 10mm counterpart.
Tele Vue Optics

Tele Vue Optics of Chester, New York, introduced a new line of eyepieces just before the 2011 Northeast Astronomy Forum in Suffern, New York. Called Delos, the two models (6mm and 10mm) sport 20mm of eye relief, a 72° apparent field of view, and an adjustable eye guard. Each is also compatible with the company’s Dioptrx line of astigmatism corrector lenses.

After testing, I’ve concluded that the Delos are wonderful eyepieces. Both performed nearly identically, so I will discuss the characteristics of the line as a whole.

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