5 astronomy gifts for space lovers obsessed with black holes

Cool space gifts for any astronomy fan. 
By | Published: October 30, 2020 | Last updated on May 18, 2023

Curated by MyScienceShop.com, this list of gifts for astronomy lovers will leave any space geek fascinated, kind of scared, and curious about black holes. Black holes have stolen the attention of backyard astronomers everywhere. Give the gift of endless exploration.

1. The Space & Beyond Box Black Hole Collection

a picture of the space and beyond box with a black hole in the background

The Space & Beyond Box is the ultimate subscription box for space lovers. With each box focused on a different space-related theme, the Space & Beyond Box is designed to surprise and delight backyard astronomers all over the galaxy. Just in time for the holidays, the November 2020 Space & Beyond Box theme is black holes. Give space geeks the opportunity to gaze into the abyss with 5-7 products centered around black holes.

2. Investigate Supermassive Black Holes

The cover of the investigate supermassive black holes articles

The perfect gift for your curious friends or family members. This 26-page digital download covers what makes a black hole tick, what happens when black holes collide, how we know black holes exist, and more! It’s the perfect combination of articles to support an aspiring astronomer’s study of supermassive black holes.

3. Celestial Buddies™ Plush – Black Hole

A picture of the celestial buddies black hole plush with plush planets inside

This plush character is guaranteed to put a smile on any space lover’s face! Introduce a young space enthusiast to black holes with this fun and comfy plush, add to your science teacher’s collection of space accessories, or gift it to anyone who is fascinated by black holes! Includes only Celestial Buddies™ Plush – Black Hole; other Celestial Buddies™ sold separately

4. Black Hole Paperweight

a picture of the black hole paperweight in a velvet box

The perfect accessory to any space geek’s desk! The black hole paperweight is designed with dense black and layers of dichroic glass to create a swirling vortex on an endless backdrop.

5. Black Holes Poster

a black holes poster with two infographics on it

Spice up your teacher’s classroom or fill the empty space on your space pal’s wall with this black holes poster. This poster uses infographics to uncover the different formations and varieties of black holes.