How we’ll find life in the universe

Is there life out there? Researchers are pursuing three paths to find out.

Web Extra: What planets should we search to find alien life?

With so many exoplanets out there, scientists are working to determine the kinds of worlds they think are most habitable.

What does Titan smell like?

A bouquet of musky sweetness, bitter almonds, gasoline, and decomposing fish would likely fill the air on Saturn’s largest satellite.

The great asterism hunt

You can find lots of unofficial star patterns using binoculars, a telescope, or just your eyes.

A shadow crosses South America

With a bit of planning, you can witness this year’s total solar eclipse.

Deep-sky observing from Costa Rica

Some of the greatest splendors of the cosmos lie in the Southern Hemisphere.

We test Chroma filters

With perfectly applied and highly tuned coatings, Chroma’s series of parfocal filters offer top-notch quality for a reasonable price.