Why does the universe make so many tiny stars?

In star-forming regions, low-mass objects vastly outnumber their bigger brothers. Astronomers want to know how this happens.

How to build aliens in the lab

To find life on Earth, follow the water. But what about on other planets?

Observing stellar blowouts

These challenging planetary nebulae will put your telescope and keen eye to the test.

Specters of past constellations

You don’t have to look too far back in time to find star patterns that no longer exist.

Chasing Luna’s shadow in South America

On the afternoon of July 2, the Sun will disappear along a narrow track that stretches from Chile’s coast to just south of Buenos Aires.

Cosmic catalogs you can use

Dip into these lesser-known catalogs for a look at some different deep-sky wonders.

We test Coronado’s latest solar scope

A sleek look, easy operation, and a tunable filter make the SolarMax III one to consider.


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