Top 10 space stories of 2017

Last year, we found a star with seven Earth-sized planets, said goodbye to the Cassini mission, and watched a total solar eclipse race across America.

Do exoplanets have moons?

Our solar system harbors at least 180 moons. Now astronomers have launched a quest to find satellites in another system.

The real music of the spheres

The sky is an endless source of inspiration for artists and composers. Here’s a look back at how the stars have influenced music.

Explore Auriga’s deep-sky wonders

Bright star clusters, challenging nebulae, and even a distant globular cluster await you in one of winter’s great constellations. 

Snapshots from Starmus

The fourth Starmus Festival, a celebration of science and the arts, took place in Trondheim, Norway, in June 2017.

Explore Scientific’s 12-inch Truss Tube Dobsonian

This telescope offers top-notch construction and high-quality optics, and is easy to set up and use, as well.

Starmus awards 2017 Stephen Hawking Medals

The Stephen Hawking Medal recognizes popularizers of science from around the world.


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