Pulsars at 50: Still going strong

When astronomers initially stumbled upon these rapidly pulsing beacons in 1967, they thought they had found ET. The truth was almost as shocking.

Mount Wilson’s famous telescope celebrates a century

The 100-inch Hooker Telescope, which allowed Hubble to define the size of the universe was nearly its builder’s undoing.

Solar eclipse geometry

What’s happening in space and on Earth.

Discover 10 weird emission nebulae

These clouds of gas, in the process of gravitationally collapsing into new stars, offer spectacular sights for owners of medium and large telescopes.

A short history of eclipses

Solar eclipses have been omens of good or evil, but a few of them have actually changed lives.

Astroimaging without a telescope

Do you have a camera? A tripod? Then head outdoors, because you’re ready to image!

Great telescopes of the past

The opticians of yesteryear combined science and art to pave the way for today’s masterpieces.

Stellarvue’s Optimus eyepieces tested

Whether you’re observing planets or galaxies, this set will make your current equipment setup better.


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