The past and present of water on Mars

Mars has evolved from a lush water planet to a frigid desert, yet water persists there today.

The cosmic bullies next door

How vast superclusters rule the tiny collections of galaxies we call the Local Group.

Get ready for the next generation planet hunter

During its two-year mission, TESS should find thousands of exoplanet candidates, including hundreds of Earth- and super-Earth-sized planets in our local neighborhood.

Is the Moon House an American Stonehenge?

This ancient Puebloan structure, now a historical landmark, may have been inspired by a pair of eclipses.

In persuit of Pluto

An 8-inch scope and a clear, dark sky are all you need to track down this distant world.

19 big eclipse surprises

Be a hit at your next eclipse party with this trivia.

How to choose a telescope for the eclipse

The eclipse will last just a few minutes. The right rig will deliver on the big day.


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