The race to cosmic dawn

Inflation stands at the heart of modern cosmology. So why haven’t astronomers seen any signs of it?

Oxygen: The color of life

Nature’s eighth element allows us to live, breathe, and think, but it also colors the cosmos with its distinctive greenish hue.

How Pluto got its name

The public’s suggestions for naming the new planet ranged from the scientific to the personal, revealing a glimpse into the social mindset of the day.

15 stellar software packages

These programs will bring your astronomy experience into the digital age.

Plan now for the 2017 eclipse

Follow these 25 commonsense tips, and you’ll be ready to rock on eclipse day.

Run a non-Messier marathon

For a new adventure, challenge yourself to see these 109 objects in a single night.

We test Tele Vue’s DeLite eyepieces

Select these eyepieces to enhance your observing without ruining your credit.


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