The Milky Way through thick and thin

Astronomers studying our galaxy’s vertical structure are teasing out details about how our home system evolved.

Falling behind on asteroid follow-ups

Powerful surveys are discovering asteroids at a faster rate than ever before, but most of these Earth-approaching asteroids never get a second glance.

Behind the scenes at Kennedy Space Center

The home of American space flight is bursting with memories — and ready to host the launches of today and tomorrow.

Target our galaxy’s dark nebulae

Pull up a chair, and spend some time away from the light.

Explore Earth’s big impacts

Earth has a long history of asteroid strikes, and some intriguing scars remain.

Seek exoplanets from your backyard

Learn how amateur astronomers can help professionals study worlds outside our solar system.

The quest for distant Pluto

This newly revealed world at the solar system’s edge makes a tempting target through amateur telescopes as it reaches peak visibility early this summer.


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