Top 10 space stories of 2015

Astronomers find signs of dark matter close to home, unravel the mystery of a famous supernova, and take a trip to Pluto.

Web Extra: 2015’s other big space stories

2015’s Top Ten runners up include a telescope controversy, lots of dark matter, and the demise of two long-lived planetary missions.

Is a cosmic career for you?

If you’re set on an astronomy-related job, spend some time listening to the experts.

Astronomy’s 2016 Guide to the Night Sky

This handy four-page insert will keep you looking up all year.

Dawn mission reveals dwarf planet Ceres

With lowlands, highlands, weird white spots, and even a pyramid, the largest object in the asteroid belt is unlike anything else in the solar system.

Web Extra: Dawn explores the biggest asteroids

Before heading for Ceres, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft spent 14 months learning about its rockier neighbor, Vesta.

The life and times of Stephen Hawking

Next summer’s Starmus Festival will constitute a once-in-a-lifetime tribute to the great theoretical physicist.

Web Extra: Stephen Hawking at Starmus 2

Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was the toast of the town when he attended the second Starmus Festival in the Canary Islands in September 2014.

Holiday gift-giver’s guide

If astronomy is on your gifting list, here’s how to please without breaking the bank.

Tales of the Astronomers Royal

Personal feuds, world wars, and revolutionary science are all part of the history of this British post.


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