Inside the historic mission to Europa

After decades of canceled missions and false starts, NASA is finally headed for Carl Sagan’s dream destination.

New missions mine asteroid secrets

When Rosetta landed on a comet, the world held its breath. Now scientists are about to attempt an even more ambitious mission — twice.

Untangling the magnetic universe

This powerful but mysterious force pays a fundamental role in shaping galactic structure and allowing stars to form.

Celebrating Stephen Hawking’s legacy

Scientists, astronauts, musicians, and the public will come to the Canary Islands this summer for a tribute to the renowned physicist.

How to image Jupiter

Longtime planetary photographer Christopher Go guides you step by step through the process of imaging this gas giant.

Where is amateur astronomy heading?

Today’s trends will lead amateur astronomy to a better and more popular future.

Sky-Watcher USA’s hot new scope tested

Combine 5 inches of light-gathering power with easy portability, and you have a winner of a scope.


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