The little stars that couldn’t

Brown dwarfs — objects that form like stars but without enough mass to fuse hydrogen — are shedding light on the births of both stars and solar systems.

Web Extra: Brown dwarfs take center stage

Brown dwarfs are so faint that astronomers didn’t find one until the 1990s. Some even qualify as our next-door neighbors.

A northerner’s view of the southern sky

Contributing Editor Stephen James O’Meara weighs in: Does the Southern Hemisphere really have all the good stuff?

Web Extra: A gallery of southern sky splendors

Northern observers may never see this stunning objects through a telescope, so images will have to do.

The fight to save Lick Observatory

As the University of California constructs the largest telescope the world has ever known, a group of astronomers is working to fund a century-old observatory.

Web Extra: New eye opens up the skies

The Thirty Meter Telescope promises unprecedented views of the cosmos.

Explore the Virgo Cluster

Live large this month as you observe some of the biggest objects in the universe.

Web Extra: Galaxies of the Virgo Cluster

Get close-up views of some of these famous star cities.

Stars, rock ‘n’ roll, and the meaning of life

The 2014 Starmus Festival featured a spectacular lineup of notable scientists for a celebration of space, art, and the world’s largest telescope.

Web Extra: The sights and sounds of Starmus

This one-of-a-kind festival features a stunning mix of astronomy and music.

Touring the Herschel Museum

If you find yourself in Bath, England, take a walk through the well-preserved home of the astronomer who found Uranus.

Web Extra: More from the Herschel Museum

Explore more images from inside the home of this astronomical family.

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